Schwannomas have haemorrhage and cystic changes神经鞘瘤有出血及囊性变

Mainly in adult inguinal lymph node, also found in jaws, mediastinum, and pelvic lymph nodes. Involved lymph node enlargement, can reach 2 ~ 3cm, cut-side hoar, can have focal hemorrhages.

Anti-bma were: (1) have thicker coating, capsule remaining lymph node structure, (2) neoplastic cells have a spindle, arranged in a bundle of shape, weaving shape, part palisading cytoplasm red, shallow Iraq cytoplasmic boundary is not clear, fission like little or no (< 2/10HPF); (3) interstitial have more bleeding, visible clumps dysplasia vessels. Inflammatory cells, little or no visible mast cells, (4) asbestos sample vorkommen, HE dyeing for eosinophilic collagen subtotal, edge is fine star mans shape, early asbestos sample vorkommen center has small blood vessels. Part of asbestos sample small body can have calcification.

IHC: spindle cells vimentin + +, - desmin, actin, S - 100 -- -- --, CK, syn.

Outcomes: benign excision does not have a relapse, do not transfer.

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