cardiac myxoma 心脏黏液瘤

This high power microscopic appearance of a cardiac myxoma shows minimal cellularity. Only scattered spindle cells with scant pink cytoplasm are present in a loose myxoid stroma. The most common primary cardiac neoplasm is an atrial myxoma. These benign masses are attached to the atrial wall in over 90% of cases, but can also arise on a valve or in a ventricle. They can produce a ‘ball valve’ effect by intermittently occluding the atrioventricular valve orifice to produce clinical findings resembling a transient ischemic attack. Elaboration of interleukin-6 by the tumor may produce fever and malaise. Embolization of a myxoma may also occur. About 10% of cardiac myxoma cases are associated with the Carney syndrome, a familial autosomal dominant condition with a mutated PRKA1 gene. This syndrome is suggested by the presence of multiple cardiac or extracardiac myxomas.

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