Thromboangiitis obliterans血栓闭塞性脉管炎

Thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger disease) produces segmental, thrombosing, acute and chronic inflammation of medium-sized and small arteries, most often the tibial and radial arteries of lower and upper extremities. The inflammation may extend to the entire neurovascular bundle, leading to severe pain. Most cases occur in smokers under the age of 55. There is an increased prevalence of HLA-A9 and HLA-B5 in these patients. Microscopically, there is acute and chronic inflammation of arterial walls along with lumenal thrombosis. The thrombus often contains small microabscesses surrounded by granulomatous inflammation. Shown here with angiography are involved arteries of the lower leg with the classic corkscrew appearance from the segmental involvement.

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